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The U. S. Marine Corps 170th Anniversary: November 10, 1945

Published November 10, 1945

Description from the National Archives: "Summary: MSs, Gen Alexander A Vandegrift speaking from desk tells of the Marine victory at Peleliu and their preparations for further attacks upon the enemy. Navy torpedo dive bombers in flight.
AV, tracers going into Japanese vessel at sea, and resultant explosions. AV, showing bursts of smoke on Pacific island; smoke and flames rising from coconut grove.
AV, showing destruction to homes and buildings on Guam.
Seq: Tent city for civilians on Guam.
CU, sign, "Civil Affairs Headquarters". Civilians on Guam being inoculated. Children are fed in mess hall. Native Dwellings in stage of reconstruction.
LS, crane wrecks building which is partly destroyed.
LS, explosion atop cliff.
VS, operation of electric drill, Surveyor at work, conveyor as sand falls into a pile.
LS, B- 29 takes off from airstrip on island. LS, profile views, guns aboard ship firing.
EXT, LSs, Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima. Shell bursts atop mountain. MS, ship's guns are fired.
LS, destroyer firing its guns. Plane taking off from carrier.
ELSs, LCIs launching rockets; cut to shore showing explosions.
LS, wave of LVTs coming toward shore; in bg a battleship fires its guns.
CUs, expressions of men in launching crafts. Two LVTs moving inland. Marines moving inland.
AVs, planes in flight with one plane peeling off. Aerial bombs dropping and exploding on base of Mount Suribachi.
MS, marines in ditch firing 60mm mortar. Marine using flame thrower.
LS, the famous flag-raising scene on Mount Suribachi.
Seq: Tanks firing; men running forward; rockets being fired from rocket launcher; smoke bursts on rugged terrain; gun chief giving firing order; 75mm pack howitzer is fired; Marines throw grenades. Flamethrowing tank in attack at top of hill. Two P-51s take off.
Seq: Women marines leave ship at Pearl Harbor and stand on stairway outside of barracks.
MSs, warships firing. LVTs heading towards Okinawan shore. CU, marine manning MG in LVT.
MLS, marines moving inland and up jungle hill; marines firing BARS. Marine with flamethrower burning out pillbox; 155mm How firing; firing mortar.
LS, flamethrowing tank burning out enemy position.
MS, marines firing shoulder weapons.
MLS, Japanese body failing from hill.
VS, Japanese coming in to surrender.
(NOTE: This is a two-reel subject covering the highlights of the Marine Corps since l0 Nov 1944)."
National Archives Identifier: 23670 listed as The U. S. Marine Corps 170th Anniversary November 6, [SIC] 1945

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Run time 8 minutes 31 seconds
Producer United States. Marine Corps
Audio/Visual sound, black & white
Language English


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